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About Us

manresa house - boston college

Manresa House – a combined project of the New England Jesuits and Boston College, welcomes you!

Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, experienced a conversion in his life that led him to dedicate his life to the service of Christ - to loving service of God.  In sharing his journey with us he tells us that at Manresa, God dealt with him just as a teacher works with a school boy whom he teaches. Ever since I was a novice I have loved that image of God and Ignatius - trusting that we are being formed over time by our prayer, our relationship with God, and even in our struggles - much like the child being taught. 

I think Ignatius would be very happy that we have named this house Manresa House; a place of welcome, where conversations begin and students are invited to inquire, think and discern.  

Have you considered your vocation, whether it be as a priest, brother or sister, or as a layperson within the Church.  Do you know someone who is pursuing a religious vocation and want to know more?  Regardless of your questions and desires, Manresa House is for you. 

It is said of Ignatius that he loved to gaze at the stars at night and be captivated immediately by their Maker.  So, too, with each of us on life’s journey, much seeks our attention. We are captivated by the experiences we share. Here at Manresa House, our hope is that conversations will lead to discernment, and like all of those who are learning, we will come to know our way together.


You are very welcome to visit Manresa, a place of hospitality on Boston College’s campus.

Thank You,

Fr. Terry Devino, S.J.

Director of Manresa House



Undergraduate Student Workers - Fall 2016

Kristin Marren, '17

Pat Gordon, '17

Bobby Hally, '18

Hugh Doherty, '19

Cam Heiser, '19

Joe McGarry, '19

Chris Meloni, '19

Bobby Scannell, '19

Olver Whitters, '19

Jack Sanborn, '20

Graduate Assistant - Dylan Lang