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McNair Scholars Profiles

short description of scholars' research

McNair Scholars

Summer 2014

Back left to right: Saron Tekie, Jemima Victor, James Kale II, Federico Clerici-Hermandinger, Martin Gamboa
Front left to right: Richard Martinez, Maria Vazquez, Wendy Doan, Evy Tran, Dario Hernandez
Absent: Parisa Oviedo

Saron Tekie
Hiroshi Nakazato, Associate Director of International Studies
Research: Is East Africa ready for the implementation of a common currency?
Jemima Victor
Mentor: M. Brinton Lykes, Professor in the Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology Department, Associate Director, Center for Human Rights and International Justice
Research: "L'union fait la force"? - assessing the social supports that help mid level female entrepreneurs thrive in Haiti.

James Kale II
Mentor: Hiroshi Nakazato, Associate Director of International Studies and C. Shawn McGuffey, Associate Professor in Sociology
Research:The Lagging Duckling; Assessing the Achievement Gap in the African Diaspora: A comparative analysis on the achievement of Black immigrants to the native born.

Federico Clerici-Hermandinger
Mentor: Robert Murphy, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Research: Convergence to Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity: Testing Argentina's Official Exchange Rate against the Dolarblue.

Martin Gamboa
Dr. Julia E. Whitcavitch-DeVoy, Lynch School of Education, Counseling/Dev/Psych
Research: Family Time: For research on the effect of family maintenance activities on low-income urban adolescent achievement.
Richard Martinez
Mentor: Eve Spangler, Associate Professor, Sociology Department
Research: A Dream, A Paradox, And A Consequence: Factors That Influence Low-Income Black and Latino Student Success Rates in S.T.E.M. Tracks at Boston College.
Maria Vazquez
Audrey Friedman, Associate Professor, Assistant Dean of Undergraduates, Lynch School of Education
Research: What factors do Hispanic/Latino men define as influencing their levels of college persistence?
Wendy Doan
Mentor: Dr. Tim Van Opijnen. Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biology Department
Research: A comprehensive model for the bacterial pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae leads to novel vaccine targets and improved drug combinations.
Evy Tran
How are foreign-born CEO of American Corporations represented?
Research: Ethnic Relations on the World Stage: Representation of China’s Minorities in Xinhua English Service Headlines, 2011-2013
Dario Hernandez
Kenneth Himes, OFM, Associate Professor of Theology
Research: How Buddhist and Christian Spirituality Can Help with the Issue of Anxiety.
Parisa Oviedo
Dr. Joseph Burdo, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Boston College Dr. Benjamin Wolozin, M.D., Ph.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Professor of Pharmacology and Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine
Joon Yvette Boon, Ph.D. Candidate in Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Program in Biomedical Neuroscience
Research: Post-transcriptional regulation of α-synuclein expressions and localizations in HEK293FT cells by Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase-2.