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Research Abstract

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KD Misgen

KD Misgen

Mentor: Tricia Burdo & Kenneth Williams, Professors in Biology Department

Title: Monocyte/Macrophage Activation & Heart Inflammation During HIV Infection


During human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the innate immune responses’ control of monocytes and macrophages becomes dysregulated. This dysregulation can have many deleterious consequences, including inflammation that can develop into various inflammatory diseases. Interestingly, in addition to chronic macrophage activation, HIV-infected patients also suffer from numerous cardiac symptoms including atherosclerosis. The cause of the increased number of coronary events in HIV-infected patients remains unclear. As atherosclerosis and other heart pathologies are macrophage-mediated diseases (as is HIV), we evaluated the involvement of macrophage activation in HIV and cardiac pathologies by quantifying CD163+ macrophages in cardiac muscle tissue by immunohistochemistry, sCD163 in plasma by ELISA, and CD14+/CD16+ blood monocyte expression of CD163 by flow cytometry. These data suggest that chronic macrophage activation may contribute to AIDS-related cardiac damage.