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LTL Leadership Council

ltl student organization

Learning to Learn Leadership Council

“Bringing Together the Whole Community”

Mission: We as a council seek to foster growth, understanding and comfort in the academic, social and professional realms of Boston College. We serve all undergraduates but specifically target students underrepresented in higher education. Through programs, activities and events geared towards community involvement and personal development we hope to ease collegiate life for all BC students.

Fall List of Events

Mentor Program

Fall & Spring

Offer high school students the opportunity to build relationships and receive mentoring from council members and students who have established strong ties with the learning to learn office.


Weekly Volunteer

Give council members and Boston College students the opportunity to build consistent and meaningful relationships with local community organizations and grow in solidarity with people in the Boston community.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Pine Street Inn
  • Boston Food Bank
  • Walk for Hunger
  • Boston Public School


Halloween Movie Night

The council host a horror movie showing
Free popcorn, candy, and drinks!!!
Costume encouraged: Best costume receives a KILLER prize


Thanksgiving Potluck

The council host a Thanksgiving dinner. All attending parties are required to bring a dish, drink or desert. This is a celebration of the diversity of the LTL family. Cultural dishes and family recipes encouraged!


Provide students with a fun and relaxing outlet during fall finals. Stop by for Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Wii tournaments, yoga, free food, prizes, giveaways, and spa massages!!!