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Mission Statement

learning to learn

Learning to Learn Mission

Learning to Learn seeks to support low-income, underrepresented, first gereration college students, and students with disabilities to excel academically and to provide a nurturing environment where our target population can achieve their full potential. In the Jesuit spirit, we foster the intellectual and personal formation of students in a holistic manner and guide students as they learn to navigate college life.


Mission in Action

We provide students with financial, academic and personal advising; teach students the skill they need to succeed and to graduate from the University; and prepare students for post-graduate work. Critical thinking skills, financial literacy, as well as an array of skills to deal with the rigors and challenges of university life, including academic, social, and economic, are an essential part of our focus. We strive to assist students to see their potential, set manageable goals, learn the necessary skills, and attain their goals at Boston College and then leave the University having reached their fullest potential.

Additionally, Learning to Learn acts as a liaison for students between all offices and departments at the college to aid students as they navigate through the system. These services support students in their effort to "unlock" their potential in the academic arena that will allow for greater success.