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Who Is My Academic Counselor?

Learning Resources for Student Athletes offers full services to all of the 700+ varsity student-athletes at Boston College. It is important to note that while each counselor has specific teams for whom they are primarily responsible, every counselor can help every student-athlete. Please refer to the list below to find the team for whom you compete. When you click on the team you will be linked with your primary academic counselor on our staff page. See you soon!

                                                                                                                                Baseball  -- Kristina von Harten

Men's Basketball -- Dard Miller

Women's Basketball -- Amy Morgan

Fencing  -- Lee Metzger

Field Hockey  -- Patrice Bouzan

Football  -- Lee Metzger & Clare Morrison

Golf -- Amy Morgan

Men's Ice Hockey  -- Patrice Bouzan

Women's Ice Hockey  -- Patrice Bouzan

Women's Lacrosse  -- Amy Morgan

Rowing  -- Kristina von Harten

Sailing  -- Amy Morgan

Skiing -- Kristina von Harten

Men's Soccer  -- Amy Morgan

Women's Soccer  -- Amy Morgan

Softball  -- Kristina von Harten

Swimming  -- Kristina von Harten

Tennis -- Kristina von Harten

Men's Track & Field/Cross Country -- Anna Harris

Women's Track & Field/Cross Country -- Anna Harris

Volleyball  -- Kristina von Harten