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Lowell Humanities Series

Resources for Teachers and Students

We are pleased to offer the following online resources to encourage teachers and students to enhance their engagement with the Lowell Humanities Series. We encourage you to adopt our speakers' most recent book as well as shorter essays and contextual material as part of your syllabi. Additionally, the resources below can be paired or used separately to fit a single class or a longer unit. These links allow students to watch a Youtube video, or read a short essay or interview, before or after one of our events. Teachers might also consider using these resources in conjunction with evening reflection activities, or opportunities for reviews/reports during or beyond class-time. For speakers book titles, please see their bios. Articles in academic journals are available to members of the BC community through the library webpage.

Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for additional resources.


Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings

To Hear the World Again: Giving Christians an Actual Doctrine of Creation
February 8, 2018
7:00 p.m. • Devlin Hall, Room 101

Keywords: theology, race, liberation theology, black theology, cultural identity, anthropology

Speaker Websites:

Video & Media: 

Shorter Pieces/Teachable Texts:


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