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Cablecasting Movies


This section pertains to the rental of feature films from Swank Motion Pictures for use with the MTS Cable department only. If you are interested in renting films from Swank or any other film distribution company for classroom-only showing, please refer to the MTS Film Rental department.

The MTS Cable department offers cablecasting of copywritten feature films to the entire BC campus. This service can be used to compliment existing course instruction, free-up valuable classroom time, or to highlight specific events, such as Women's Awareness Month or Alcohol Awareness Week.

Until recently, copyright permission for feature films has been a costly and often confusing issue. Applicable copyright fees for films can range from fifty to several hundred dollars depending on the film, which has been a deterrent for many BC departments.

According to our contract with Swank Motion Pictures, faculty can now select copywritten feature films and cablecast them through BC Cable, free of charge. It is possible to rent a film from any other film distribution company for cablecasting on the cable system, however your department/group will be responsible for the rental/copyright fees. If you are interested in renting a film from another film distribution company, please refer to the MTS Film Rental department.

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., is the largest feature film distributor in the country and has over 7000 titles to choose from including classic films, blockbuster first-run films and all-time favorites.



For a list of available movies, visit Swank Motion Picture's Movie Index



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