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Information Technology Services

Strategic Plan | Learning & Teaching

goals, objectives, action items

GOAL I Create and sustain an academic environment which promotes innovation and scholarship and through collaboration encourages the exploration and adoption of new teaching tools.
  1. In collaboration with the Office of the Provost, provide technology enhanced innovative and flexible spaces for teaching and learning that would include classrooms and meeting spaces for student collaboration.
  • Review existing Facilities/Space Planning processes to ensure the inclusion of technology requirements in the design/modification of teaching and learning spaces.
  1. In collaboration with the Office of the Provost evaluate the potential for a new program for Teaching Technology Assistants that would assist faculty in the creative adoption of new teaching tools.
  • Investigate the requirements and feasibility for a faculty support program and provide a recommendation to ATAB and the Office of the Provost.
  1. Enrich faculty and student scholarship and teaching using emerging technologies (e.g., eBooks, Collaboration tools, Mobile) and streamlined processes.
  • Collaborate with the Office of the Provost to identify opportunities where technology can support faculty and student interaction.


GOAL II Provide technologies and processes that facilitate BC’s position at the forefront of teaching technology and enhances the learning experience of students.
  1. Provide a modern Learning Management System and collaborative instructional tools that encourage teaching and learning transformations in and out of the classroom.
  • Implement a new Learning Management System.
  1. Implement a modern Student Information System including Kuali Student Modules that provides next generation software in support of our core student processes.
  • Implement Student Information System applications.
  • Implement Kuali Student Modules.