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Adobe CQ 5.4 Upgrade

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We are undertaking a major upgrade to Adobe CQ that will move us from version 5.2 to 5.4.  Because of significant changes in the architecture of the java repository that holds our web content this upgrade will require us to make a copy of the content and send it through a conversion process to make it compatible with the new architecture of 5.4.  Although the public will continue to have access to the BC web site during this process, the upgrade will have an impact on your ability to make changes to your web sites during the conversion period.

Here are the key points to this transition:

During the evening of Wed., Oct. 19 we will temporarily turn off access to  CQ in order to make a full copy of the content repository (all your pages, PDFs, photos, etc.).  This copy will be what you will find when you first log into the new Day CQ 5.4 on Monday, October 24th.

By Thursday morning Oct. 20th, we will have opened access again to CQ 5.2 so that you can make URGENT updates to your websites. However, if you make any changes on thursday and friday, you will have to repeat those changes on Monday, October 24th.  This includes edits to pages and uploads of files to the Digital Asset Manager. Because we aren't certain how long the conversion will require it is possible that this status will continue into Saturday or Sunday (Oct. 22-23).

• Our recommendation is that you try to get your websites in good order by Wednesday, Oct. 19th, so that you can avoid making any changes during the conversion period except for urgent announcements. If you must make changes from Thursday to Sunday, keep detailed notes on what you change so that you can repeat the changes on Monday.

Adobe CQ 5.4 is the current release of the CQ product. It includes a number of updates to make the system more reliable and stable. It also has some nice improvements to the editing environment that we think you will enjoy. Visit our What's New in CQ5.4 page for a peek at what you can expect to see in the new release.  We'll be updating our CQHelp site to adjust it to the new version shortly.  We do not anticipate that any of the changes will require new training classes for people already familiar with the current version of CQ.

If you have any questions about the upgrade plan, please contact us via and include a phone number where we can reach you.


The upgrade is completed. You can reach the new system at the same address as before:

Key Dates

Wed. Oct. 19
Data repository copy taken this evening. Editing access to Day CQ will be turned off during this evening. No updates after this point will appear in CQ 5.4.

Thurs. & Fri. Oct. 20-21
Users will have access to the old version of CQ for urgent updates. Minimize or avoid updates if possible. Keep notes of your changes. Updates during this period will have to be repeated on Monday.

Sat & Sun Oct. 22-23
Conversion may continue if needed. If conversion is completed early we may be able to open 5.4 to users for updates.

Mon. Oct. 24
When you log in this morning to you will be entering the new Day CQ 5.4 system. We recommend that you continue to use Firefox 3.6.xx (currently 3.6.23) on both Mac and Windows. Make updates to pages made on Thursday and Friday.

What's New in CQ 5.4

There are a number of improvements to the CQ editing environment in the version. For a peek at some of these see our What's New in CQ 5.4 page.