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New site launches

The Web Tech Group is pleased to announce several site launches in recent weeks:


Six DayCQ site launches

Six more DayCQ sites were launched. Congratulations to the site owners!
Only 30 site launches remain before Collage can be retired.

Honors House
Shaw Leadership Program
New Teacher Academy

Conversion project completed

This project has been completed

200th Site Launched in DayCQ

The Web Tech Group is pleased to announce the launch of five additional sites on July 12, 2011.

Chancellor's Office 
Jesuit Institute 
Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project 
BFSAA - Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Assoc.  
Retired Faculty 

The projects is scheduled to be completed in August. Twenty-three (23) sites are awaiting launch using the DayCQ CMS.

Launch schedule

The conversion project is winding down. With fewer than 50 sites remaining, the Web Tech team is working with our site owners to develop a launch schedule to complete the conversion project and retire the Collage server. The target date for retirement of Collage is August 1.  Tentative launch schedule

Conversion Project Completed

With the launch of the Student Services web sites, the Collage to DayCQ conversion project is now completed. The project began in January of 2010 and involved more than 500 BC site editors managing 219 web sites.

Congratulations to our site owners, our student employees and to the Web Tech team for their work on this...

ROTC, Capstone, Psychology site launches

April 26, 2011 -

Recent Site Launches

 We're pleased to announce additional site launches in DayCQ for the following departments.

  • Physics Dept (A&S)
  • Eagle-One Card
  • Oracle Apex (ITS)
The total number fo DayCQ sites now stands at 166.
Site Launches

March 22, 2011 -

The Woods College of Advancing Studies site was launched in DayCQ. In addition, the BC Experience and Summer Session and ITS Software Download sites were launched in Day. 

Chronicle site launch

The Web Team partnered with the Office of Public Affairs to launch the Chronicle web site in DayCQ. This important Boston College web site utilizes the Day News components and RSS feed capability developed by the web team. Congrats to the Office of Public Affairs on successfully migrating to DayCQ..