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Page Properties

how to edit page properties


To access the Page Properties dialogue box, click on the Page icon at the top left of the Sidekick (it is the second icon from the left). Then click on the Page Properties tab > Global. Click here to see an example of a completed Page Properties dialogue box.

Please Note: Site Manager and Department are required fields.

Node Title 
This is the same as the Title in the New Page dialogue box in the Site Admin window and will be prepopulated with whatever title you entered there.  
Hide Page in Navigation              
If you don't want a page to appear in the left navigation, check this checkbox.
Page Title

Enter the title for the page. This text also appears in the Window title bar, in search engine result lists, as the bookmark name, etc. Capitalize the first letter of important words. You may decide to make it more descriptive than the left navigation label. The recommended format is:
Page specific title - site name - Boston College
for example:
Academic Programs - English - Boston College

PLEASE NOTE: The default setting for this is "XXX". Please change this to a more appropriate title.

Click here for more information about making your page titles accesible and conforming to UDL conventions.

Navigation Label Enter the word or short phrase to describe the page (in normal upper and lower case). This word or phrase appears as hyperlinked text on the navigation bar on the left side of the page.
Bread Crumb Label Enter the most important word of s short phrase to describe the page; the bread crumb label should be as short as possible. This word or phrase appears as hyperlinked text at the top of the page.You can enter this using upper or lower case. CQ converts it all to lower case.
Site Manager
Enter the BC "friendly" user name of the site manager. For example, david.lewis.2. This is a required field.
Department         Chose the name of the department that is responsible for updatiing this page. This is a required field.
Head Code
This field is used to call a separate style sheet or javascript file. Use only in consultation with the Web Tech Group.
Enter the words that users might enter into search field when they are trying to find your page. Keywords are used by search engines and are only visible by viewing the page source of the page. Separate each keyword with a comma.
In some search engines, including the BC search engine, words in the keywords field are given added weight in comparison with the same word in the content of the page. Words in titles and descriptions are also generally given more weight.
Description     Enter a brief description for the new page. The description only appears in the HTML code of the page and in the results created by search engines. It should be a one or two sentence summary that helps users decide if they want to visit the page.
Breadcrumb Link
This field is used to override the regular breadcrumb trail and sent the user to another page.
Navigation Link
This field is used to override the left navigation link and send the user to another page.