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Content Review

Preview of web pages, Webwork and the new model:

With Collage and WebIT, site contributors would deploy changes to the Webwork test server for review. This was a common model years ago, but many products (including CQ) have streamlined the review process and eliminated this step. To maintain the simplicity of activation, the activate button publishes your changes to one server--PRODUCTION. There's no option in CQ to activate to a different server for preview purposes.

The preview function in CQ provides an accurate view of the content as it will appear in production. Senior managers or content approvers who are not web content editors will need to log in to CQ to review the content.

The new process provides better security of content. If the content has not been reviewed by senior managers, then ideally it should not be viewable by faculty, staff and students on campus.

What this means for the content editor.

  • You'll need to provide Web Tech with the user names of anyone in your department who would like to review content prior to activation to prod. Web Tech will add these users to CQ and they'll be able to log in and review the content.

What this means for the content approver.

  • There are two additional steps. Instead of just clicking on a link, they'll need to log in, then press a preview button.

The new process:

  • The content editor will capture the link to the page that s/he would like the approver to review. This can be pasted into an email.
  • Approver clicks on link
  • They'll log in to CQ using their BC username and password, then be redirected to the proper page.
  • The approver will click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the sidekick. (There may be a way to modify the url so it defaults to preview mode. Please speak to Web Tech if you'd like to pursue this).
  • The approver can then browse the site and it will appear exactly the same  as it will in prod when it's activated.
    >>Please note: the user can also hide the "file browser" pane on the left side of CQ. This setting is retained for future sessions.