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Getting Started

getting started with adobe cq 5.4

PLEASE NOTE:  CQ5 allows web editors to view (but not edit) all the pages in the BC site. While this allows for easy linking, remember that the content you're creating can be seen (but not edited) by anyone logged into CQ.

Log in at

  • Required browser: Firefox 3.6.x on Mac and/or PC, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 on Windows XP; Internet Explorer 7 and 8 on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Go to  
  • Enter your BC username and password.

PLEASE NOTE: CQ5 is not compatible with the Firefox 4 and above, Internet Explorer 9 or any versions of Chrome or Safari. Please see "What's New in 5.4" for more details.

CQ Problems or Questions? Please email any CQ support requests, problems or questions to

MULTIPLE WINDOWS OPENING: If you are working in CQ and multiple windows are opening each time you navigate between the Site Admin and Content Finder windows, you'll need to change your default settings.  Here are the instructions on how to change this to a single window setting.

Screenshot of Adobe CQ Welcome Screen with fields for user and password

Welcome Screen

  1. Once you’ve logged in you should see this screen below.
  2. Click on the Web Sites (globe) icon on the far left.
Screenshot of the Adobe CQ Welcome Screen

This brings up the Site Admin page.

screen shot of CQ's Site Admin interface

Icons in the Top Toolbar

screen shot of Site Admin icon

Site Admin Icon
The site admin screen is where you’ll navigate through your web pages and open them for editing as well as copy, delete and activate your pages.

Screen shot of Camera icon linking to Digital Asset Manager

Digital Asset Manager
This is where your images, PDFs and other digital files are stored.

Screen shot of Site Development Icons in Site Admin window

Site Development Icons
These tools are used by the BC development team to manage the CMS. You shouldn’t need to access these areas of CQ.

How to turn off the Multiple Windows setting:

In the Site Admin window, click on your username icon on the upper right hand side of the screen and select Properties in the dropdown menu.

screen shot of drop down menu under the user name in upper right corner of CQ

In the resulting dialouge box, select Single Window for Windows Management.

screen shot of drop down menu options under Window Management with Single Window selected