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Here is overview of the components found in the Sidekick.

BC Header: Adds a heading to your page. There are three style choices available in the dropdown: H3, H4 and H5.

BC Image Row: Adds a row of images to your page.

BC Previous Next Page: Automatically adds functionality to navigate forward and backward through your web pages.

BC Rich Text: Adds text to a page with formatting and paragraph options. Also adds tables and links.

BC Text Image: Adds text and an image with choice of alignment.

Flash: Allows for the addition of a Flash file to the page.

Table: Adds a table with limited formatting options.

3 Column: Component for controlling and formatting 3 columns.

BC Image: Adds an image to a page, either from the Content Finder or uploaded from the desktop.

BC News Listing: Adds a news feed to your page.

BC Random Image: displays a different image when page is refreshed.

BC Slideshow: Dynamic slideshow that rotates through a set of selected images.

Download: Makes a file available for download.

BC Reference: Refers to content on a different page and displays it on the current page. Content updates as original is updated.

2 Column: Component for controlling and formatting 2 columns.