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Google Settings Change lets Google+ Contacts Email You


By Taylor McEldowney, BC EagleTech

Starting this week, Google made changes allowing users to email others via Google+ without knowing the recipeient's actual email addresses.

This means that when someone composes an email, Gmail will suggest Google+ contacts as recipients along with Gmail contacts. By default, this setting is set to Anyone on Google+, meaning that anyone on Google+ can email you via their Google+ account.

Although there are few security concerns as the process keeps your email address private until you choose to reply to or send an email back to the original sender, it may be beneficial to change this setting to one of the other options.

To do this, click the gear icon, select settings, find Email via Google+ in the first General tab and then select the desired option from the drop-down box. The different options for who can email you through Google+ are people you’ve added to your circles, people who are in the circles of people in your circles, anyone on Google+ or no one. Choose the one that best fits your preferences.

There are also a few other settings that Google may have automatically turned on for you, so you may want to check the following settings.

Google tracks and logs your entire web history. You can change this by removing some or all of your search history. To do this, either remove items from your web history or click the turn off button next to Web History is on on your Web History page.

Google also automatically signs up all users of Gmail for Google+ accounts. If you decide you don’t want one go into your Google+ settings and select Disable Google+.

Finally, Google displays your profile name and photo next to advertisements and reviews so that it is easy for you to share your recommendations. To opt out of this, turn off this setting on the Shared Endorsements page.

More information is available from CNET, and detailed instructions on these settings are available from Google.