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Information Technology Services

Computer Security Update

Recently, 350 members of the BC community received a fraudulent email (posing as an eFax) with an attachment that was infected with a virus. A handful of people opened the attachment, unintentionally infecting their computers, and passing the virus onto department servers causing disruption in services. Significant work was completed over the holiday weekend to secure BC's computing infrastructure and clean the virus. Additionally, anti-virus software has been updated by the vendors and is presently protecting us from further infection by this particular virus variant.

This situation highlights that it only takes one click to put University resources at risk. As part of an ongoing IT security awareness campaign, you may recall that last month's materials advised us all to "Proceed with Caution." Always stop and think before clicking on links or attachments.

We will continue to diligently monitor threats and implement security measures as appropriate. We encourage you to participate in the Security Awareness Campaign and learn about your critical role in information security. More information is available at