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Information Technology Services

Be Careful Using Dropbox at BC


You may have recently received a message from Dropbox that seemingly indicated a partnership between Boston College and Dropbox. While Dropbox (and other "cloud" storage applications) can be a convenient way to store and share files, it does have limitations, especially in regards to storing files with Boston College information.

BC does not have a partnership with Dropbox.

Dropbox should be used only as a tool of convenience for sharing and storing files that do not contain Boston College information that is regulated, restricted, confidential, or personally identifiable. All information that falls in those categories must be maintained in a system that is owned and managed by Boston College, or a system whose owner is under strict legal contracts with the university to do so.

Dropbox does not fall into this category.

While ITS understands the need for file sharing and collaboration across the Internet, the security of Boston College data must always be paramount in how files are stored and shared.

Not sure whether or not information and/or files you use may fall under this category? Contact your Data Security Officer.