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Information Technology Services

Walmart Phishing Email at BC


Today, over 1000 members of the BC community received a fraudulent email (posing as Walmart), with the subject "Thanks for your Order."

  • While the email is very realistic, it is a fake.
  • Please ignore and delete the message.  You don't have to contact Wal-mart or your credit card company.
  • ITS has blocked access from the BC campus to those links in the message that bring you to suspicious websites.  Nonetheless, the websites have varied, and we are not sure we have them all. Be sure not to click!
  • ITS believes that any further messages that are delivered to BC will be filtered, but in excess of 1,000 of these messages were actually delivered to BC users before the filter kicked in.

Remember, always stop and think before clicking on links or attachments. We encourage you to learn more about your critical role in information security. Visit: