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The new "Categories": ITIL Aligned Service Model

We are replacing "categories" with business and technical services, along with infrastructure items which support them.

The Aligned Service Model

Our current category structure is based on static, narrative descriptions. Because we build our processes (incident, request, change) into the category structure itself, similar items are named differently, causing confusion.  Also our existing category structure makes it difficult to define and monitor the cost and effectiveness of our services.

The new model is based on the ITIL framework.  The services we provide are designed, operated and maintained in the various phases of the ITIL lifecycle.  They are comprised of ITS infrastructure components, processes, capabilities and resources.

The service model maps the University's mission to the business services which support them, the technical services which in turn make them up, and the supporting infrastructure.  The model provides a means of linking our service catalog to the contents of our operations.

The service model will make possible key ITIL deliverables:  specified business requirements, clear service designs, cost models, metrics, SLAs, demand and capacity management.