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Migration Information

Preparing for the new Service Center

Data Migration

Tomorrow, data for the last 18 months will be available in the new system.  Over the next week, data back through 2009 will be available.  Remaining historical data will become available in the reporting environment.  File attachments for open records will be available tomorrow, and older attachments will become available over the next few weeks.  If you need immediate access to any data, you may login to the old system at


 Escalations will be reset for all open tickets for the transition.


Using the Service Model 

  • Remember that the Service Model is not required until ticket closure.  It is perfectly alright to use "UNDETERMINED", assign it to the team you think should resolve the ticket, and let that team identify the correct service involved.
  • Also, for the first couple weeks of transition, if you've tried to find the right service model without success, we will allow tickets to be closed with the UNDETERMINED.  We will be reviewing these tickets and updating them.
  • Use the "Service Search" tool instead of walking through the hierarchy.


Specific Service Model Tips 

  • "Client  Hardware Repair" is for the Hardware Repair shop.  "Client Hardware Support" is for TCs and others who are doing hardware diagnosis and related activities before a computer is sent to the Hardware Repair team.



Queues and Views 

  • For the initial release, we have implemented only the basic inbox queries.  After we've been able to monitor performance in full release, we will deploy the additional inboxes.  Charts will become available next week.
  • You won't need to use the System Navigator except to edit filters on existing queries you own and to use charts.  Use the Queues /Views interface instead.
  • To refresh changes to a view quickly, switch to another queue and back.  If you don’t see the full expected refresh, logout and log back in.
  • Lists of tickets are set to refresh every 10-15 minutes.



Category-to-Service Model mapping

Not all existing tickets will have the new service model entries completed when we go live.  They will be updated in successive rollouts over the next few weeks.


Known Issues 

  • Pseudo hang – if the application appears to hang after spawning  a new page, refresh the browser.  In most cases, this will solve the problem.
  • Lists are empty – if the browser shows empty white space where a list of records should be:  refresh the browser.  If this doesn't work, logout, clear your browser's cache and cookies, and log back in.


Getting Help with the new Service Center 

  • If it is an urgent matter, call Chris at 2-6395 or Phil at 2-1066.
  • Otherwise, use the Service Center ticket templates (quick tickets).