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Service Center Upgrade

News and Information about the Service Center upgrade

In a few weeks, we will implement the latest version of Service Center.  HP calls it "Service Manager 9.2", though we will keep calling it Service Center.

The interface of the new application is better than the old one.  It's not perfect, but it has some significant improvements.

  • Aside from a few new features, the major processes of the application are not very different from the previous version.  There is not a major learning curve for this upgrade. 
  • The one major difference is that we have replaced our categories with a streamlined, ITIL-aligned service model. It is now used across all of our application modules (Interaction, Incident, Request,  and Change.)  We will discuss this in depth during the webinar sessions.  Please take a look at the documentation here on the service model.
  • The back-end infrastructure of the application has been enhanced.  This version has a native oracle database, and we are using a load balancer to better support the web tier.
Training and Roll-out
  • To make scheduling and attending easier, we will be doing the introductory sessions over the web. There are plenty of sessions to choose from. If you cannot make any of these let us know. There are two types of webinar sessions: Incident/Request, and Change.  Everyone should sign up for an Incident/Request session.  Only those who currently use the Change module need to sign up for that one as well.
  • Pending load testing results and a few other items, the migration will occur on June 8th.