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Internet Resources for the Internship Search


By BC EagleTech Kseniya Shavrova

From figuring out your professional interests to navigating networking events and acing interviews, no college student will deny that the internship and job process may seem daunting.  Luckily, the Internet has made exploring internship and job possibilities and connecting with employers a lot easier.  Many free Internet resources are available to BC students throughout your internship and job search - here are some tips to make the most out of these resources.

Internship Search Resources

First and foremost, BC offers an online network called EagleLink (  The site has postings for both local and national companies that recruit at BC that you can apply for directly through EagleLink.  It also gives you a lot of information about when and where you can connect to the recruiters for these firms.  EagleLink is a great place to start looking for an internship or job because companies that are listed on EagleLink are looking for BC students to hire and often visit campus.

EagleLink Job Postings Page

Some tips for making the most out of EagleLink:

  • Fill out a profile for yourself under the “Profile” tab, including your name, contact information, areas of interest and area of study.  Also, upload your resume and cover letters under the “Documents” tab, but be sure to make them specific for each company you apply for!  Filling both of these out will make applying for jobs and internships via EagleLink quicker and easier in the future.
  • To find listings of internships and job applications open to BC students, visit the “BC Jobs/Internships” page.  To make the most out of your search, specify whether you are looking for a full time job or internship under “Position Type” and “All BC Jobs & Interviews.”  Choosing “Interviews I Qualify For” will only show you interviews that directly ask for your major type.  Many companies are not looking for a specific major, but rather a person that will fit the position and company well.  If a job requires a certain major, the job description will list that as a requirement.  All other jobs and internships are open to all majors.  Expand your possibilities and explore jobs that may interest you but are not directly linked to your major!
  • EagleLink has the listing of all the employers that recruit at BC under the "Employers" tab, even if they do not visit campus, along with available positions, job leads even if they are not available at the moment, and most importantly, recruiting contacts.  These contacts come in handy if you attended an information session and forgot to grab the recruiter’s business card, or you just have a question for the recruiter of a company you’re interested in.  Sending follow-up emails is always a good idea, because it reminds recruiting individuals, who will be looking at your application in the near future, of your interest in the company.

Second, LinkedIn ( is a great way to keep up with news about the company you want to work for, connect with the BC recruiter for that company, or connect with someone that works there that you may have met at a networking event.  Many employers are now looking to LinkedIn to find out more about their potential recruits, so make good use of this online resource.

LinkedIn screenshot- customize the personal message

Some tips for making the most out of LinkedIn:

  • If you do not have a LinkedIn account yet, create one!  Joining is free and easy, as LinkedIn allows you to pre-fill a lot of the information by simply uploading your resume.  LinkedIn will also suggest classmates, professors, and companies with whom you should consider connecting.  Exploring which companies and careers your classmates are following may give you some ideas about which career field you want to explore.
  • A LinkedIn “headline” is what will appear next to your name on your profile.  It will also be used as keywords so that your profile may come up in searches recruiters may do.  Therefore, do not simply put “Student at Boston College.”  Instead, add keywords to your headline that will put you on the radar of companies in fields you may be interested in.  For example, an improved headline may be “Business Student at Boston College, Accounting, Marketing, Passionate about IT Strategy, Social Media, Leadership.”
  • LinkedIn allows you the chance to write a “summary” of your achievements.  If you choose to write a summary, be concise but make sure it accurately reflect your personal brand, including your skills, interests, and ambitions.  The summary should grab the reader’s attention and include keywords from the industry you wish to enter; in some cases, it may be the only thing a busy recruiter or interviewer sees of your profile!
  • When asking a professional to connect, LinkedIn will ask you to add a personal note to your invitation, but will provide a standard one for you to use.  Change the personal note to include where you met the person, any distinguishing conversations the two of you had, and your reason for connecting.  The personal note will jog someone’s memory and make them more likely to connect with you.

Interview Resources

Wall Street Oasis screenshot

First, Boston College offers BC students a variety of Wall Street Oasis resources for free.  Wall Street Oasis resources include books and PDFs on topics ranging from behavior, technical and consulting interview questions, as well as guides on the Hedge Fund, Trading, Finance, Private Equity, and Venture Capital industries.  If you are interviewing with a company, visit the Boston College Interviewing Page to download these resources.  The page will prompt you to "Checkout," but registering using your BC email will allow you to download the documents for free.

InterviewStream screenshot

Second, Boston College offers BC students access to Interviewstream, an online resources that gives mock interviews in behavioral interviews, career fair prep, computer science, biology, chemistry, dental school and consulting interviews.  Students can also submit their mock interviews to actual recruiters to receive helpful feedback and advice.  The recruiters reviewing these videos know exactly what a good interview answer entails and will help you hone in on how to best showcase yourself.  By registering using their BC email, students can access this account for free.  Whatever type of interview you are preparing for, practicing your responses to commonly-asked questions will make you sound more prepared, make your responses appear more natural, and will give you more confidence in your interview skills.

Visit the Boston College Career Center Page for more information and help on the internship and job search.  Just remember that the key to a successful internship and job search is finding something you're passionate about and finding a company that fits your personal values.  Best of luck from BC ITS!