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Information Technology Services

Tech Update: Cyber Security Alert


Barely a week seems to pass without news of another online security breach, and no one seems to be immune. Recently:

Just like any other group or industry, the Education field needs to be vigilant in defending against hackers.

EDUCAUSE, a non-profit association of IT leaders in education, recently revealed a cyber-security breach, which may have compromised information from individuals’ EDUCAUSE site profiles or the passwords of .edu domain holders.

Although they don’t believe personal or financial data was compromised, password resets have been mandated for all EDUCAUSE site users.

What you can do

Taking a few minutes now can save you much time, aggravation, and possibly money later.

  • Don’t use your BC password on other sites. Whether you have accounts with your bank, credit card, or sites that are work-related (such as EDUCAUSE or other higher education groups you may be involved with, use a different password for your online account(s).
  • Change your passwords regularly. Changing your BC password is quick and painless, and done through the Agora Portal.
  • Don’t use passwords that are easy to guess. “12345678” may be easy for you to remember and type, Ashley may be your wonderful daughter, and you may be the world's greatest ninja, but none of them are very good passwords, according to the list of the Top 25 Worst Passwords.

Learn more about your BC password here, and read this page for tips on creating passwords that are easy for you to remember, but tough for hackers to crack.