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Technology Gift Ideas 2012


The holiday season is filled with giving, spending time with loved ones, and last but not least, stress.

Make Christmas this year a little bit easier by giving the gift of technoloy! Here are a few tech-based gift ideas in 2013.

Check out CNET's Holiday Gift Guide for more great gift options.

Various Gifts


Fitbit One – An activity tracker that counts steps, stair climbing, and hours slept and wirelessly transmits the data to your iPhone. Costs about $100.

BC faculty and staff who are thinking of buying a Fitbit for themselves may want to wait a little while - you'll have the opportunity to get one for free as part of this spring's HEALTHY YOU program (no, this doesn't mean you should wait until April to exercise).


Mini Combo Duo Travel Charging Kit – You will no longer need to carry multiple charging cables. It features a combo Apple and micro USB tip to connect to iPads, iPhone 4s and older Apple products, as well as Android devices. A second port accommodates another USB charger, and the device includes a dual USB car-charging outlet. Costs about $50.


iPhone 5 – The new iPhone has an upgraded processor, larger screen, improved camera, and faster LTE data network connection. Costs about $200 (with phone plan).


Sonos Play 5 – A wireless speaker system that allows you to control streaming media services connected to your TV, and can also link up with other Sonos wireless speaker systems around the house to control music in each and every room. Costs about $400.


Logitech Harmony One – A rechargeable universal remote control that can replace up to 15 controllers. Online setup allows for one-touch activity controlling. Costs about $200.



Nexus 7 -  faster and smoother than previous Android tablets. It's also conveniently compact and, unlike Amazon's Kindle Fire, allows access to more Android apps. Costs about $200.



Amazon Kindle Fire – You can browse the web and search Amazon’s music, book, and video selections. Costs about $160.


Apple iPad 2– connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G networks. You can also browse apps in the Apple Store and take pictures with the built-in camera. Costs about $399 (Wi-Fi only).


Apple iPad mini – If you’re looking for an iPad, just in smaller form, this is a great option for you. It comes with virtually all the features of the iPad, including a front facing camera, access to 275,000 apps, and a powerful A5 chip. This design is lighter and thinner, fitting almost in the palm of your hand. Costs about $329.

Video Games

Some of the bestselling video games of 2012 that do not involve automatic weapons include: