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Tech Tips for Spring Break


If you’re going away for Spring Break, read these technology tips to make sure you stay safe, connected, and aware when it comes to using your technology away from home.

Think twice about what you bring with you.

Try to not bring anything that is very expensive or unnecessary to avoid creating extra liabilities. Essential communications tools (texts, email, phone) are available on smart phones, so it should be all you need. If you must bring any technology, make sure to leave it in your hotel’s safe deposit box anytime you leave the hotel to help keep it safe.

Stay charged.

Remember to bring chargers or memory cards for the technology you bring to make sure you are able to capture all of the great memories and stay connected.

Depending on where you go, your American voltage-fed plugs may not work. Buy an adaptor before you go to make sure you are able to charge your phone.

Stay connected.

Before leaving, research the locations of any local Wi-Fi hotspots at your destination. This will make it easier to connect and help you to avoid any expensive Wi-Fi charges. There is also a free JiWire Global Wi-Fi Finder app that you can download on your smart phone to help you locate Wi-Fi no matter where you are.

Avoid extra costs.

Data-roaming charges can be very costly when you use data services on your smart phone outside of the country. There are many ways avoid surprise charges and save money, including:

  • Buying an international data plan from your carrier
  • Buying a prepaid SIM card with a data plan
  • Turning off your data roaming in your smart phone settings.

Beware of pickpockets.

Make sure to keep track of your phone or any valuables you have when walking in a crowded area. Pickpockets can be very stealthy and often work in teams so be cautious.

Keep in contact.

Many free services are available to help you keep in touch with anyone who couldn’t come with you on your trip, and maybe even your parents, too. Use Skype to make free calls to toll-free numbers or video calls. Register for Google Voice, which will send you email notifications for any missed calls, text messages, and voicemails that you might not be able to receive from your vacation destination.

Enjoy your Spring Break and remember these tech tips to help have the best possible vacation!