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Information Technology Services

Money-saving Tech Tips (and more) for the Class of 2016


The BC Class of 2016 will be descending on campus and moving in at the end of August. Need a little help managing your college budget? Here are some tips – several with ties to technology - to help stretch your budget.

Do you need to buy that textbook? Does it need to be brand new?
Check to see if your books can be rented through the BC Bookstore. If you don’t plan on keeping them then it might be a good idea to rent, saving you money in the long run.

If you do decide to buy your books, check for used copies. And at the end of the semester, you can sell your books back to get back some of the money you spent. Also, check with your professors to see if they will let you buy a digital copy of the book, which are sometimes cheaper and they are certainly more portable than physical books.

Save big by checking the website for free software
Free software is offered on the BC website ( and can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. For instance, Microsoft Office is offered as a free download from our website but could cost up to one hundred and fifty dollars elsewhere.

Additional software is available for use at no cost to you through the BC Application Server (, including Stata, MatLab, and SPSS. The Application Server allows members of the BC community to use the software anywhere with an Internet connection.

Keep track of your spending habits using “Eagle-One Card Activity Summary” on the Agora Portal
After a few late-night snacks, you may find yourself burning through meal plan dollars more quickly than you expected. By checking your activity summary on the Portal, you can see how many of those Hillside paninis you’re really eating every week, or whether you may be buying a few too many smartwaters.

Be smart with your meals
One good way to save money is to cut down on buying bottled drinks. While convenient and delicious, these purchases can add up quickly.

Pay attention to fliers posted throughout campus to stay current on all the different events happening on campus. Often times these events include free food along with an interesting program - you might find you enjoy what’s being discussed as much as the food! Also, don’t be afraid to attend RA programs in the residence halls as they almost always have snack and dessert foods, along with potentially useful information.