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Information Technology Services

ITS Goes Back To School 2012


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BTS By the Numbers

August 30 brought warm temperatures and sunny skies to Boston College - and thousands of members of the Class of 2016.

They brought with them televisions, smartphones, laptops, video game consoles, and more - much of which needed to be activated to the BC network.

Dozens of volunteers from BC Information Technology Services and even more EagleTech student employees were available at residence halls across Upper Campus and Newton to help students (and their parents) with any technology questions they had or assistance they required.

A look at the numbers and requests for August 30:

  • Students Helped onsite: 264
    • Upper: 119
    • Newton: 145
  • Help Center calls answered: 144
  • Walk-In Help Desk tickets: 53
  • 2,038 network activations, including:
    • 1,777 Freshmen activations
    • 38 Faculty activations
    • 11 Staff activations
  • iPhone activations
    • 2012: 453
    • 2011: 230
  • The top help requests both in the field and at the Help Center were General Activation help requests and requests for the Secure Wireless password.
  • The Walk-In Help Desk saw a number of Office installation requests.
  • Windows Computers:  376
  • Macs: 995

BTS from an EagleTech's View

Last year, Ellen Contois, a sophomore BC EagleTech, was moving in at the Newton campus. This year, she spent the day as an EagleTech, assisting students and parents in Newton.

As a new EagleTech, BTS was quite the experience. I definitely felt as though that day was what ITS had been preparing for all summer, an “all hands on deck” type of situation. Since I could clearly remember my own freshmen move in day a year earlier, I knew how it worked: two EagleTechs would go around to dorms rooms and connect laptops to the wireless network and set up printers. I had been looking forward to seeing all the freshmen that had sat through my FYE ITS presentation with Chris Jamieson (I don’t think they could have forgotten our embarrassing videos just yet).

Throughout most of the morning, things were very slow and calm in the Hardey lounge. According to the RAs, the move in process was running very smoothly and it wasn’t hectic yet. Some people came to the ITS table for technology assistance and even fewer summoned us to help them in their dorm rooms. It was a pleasure to help them in any way possible and I enjoyed being able to answer simple new student questions by the tense yet overexcited parents.

As the afternoon progressed, the ITS table received more requests and questions. More dorm room visits revealed some problems with wireless printing and getting connected to the wireless network. In the end, all problems were resolved and, as always, the ITS department’s pledge to customer service was honored.

It was great to be recognized by many of the freshmen and to answer their questions – about classes, living on Newton, my personal experiences, and technology. I did not mind working the whole day on Newton; I met new EagleTechs and saw familiar freshmen all while doing my job. After surviving August 30, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to BTS 2013.