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Information Technology Services

EagleTech Training 2011


EagleTech Student Technology Specialists take an active role in learning about technology and its place at Boston College while providing important computer and networking support to the student community. 

Every August, the ITS EagleTech Student Technology program provides a two-day orientation and training program for new and returning EagleTechs in preparation for the Back to School (BTS) period and the Fall Semester.   

The training introduces the new EagleTech hires into the program and the ITS organization and provides all EagleTechs with new and updated information about BTS and any new information about technology at BC.

Training topics include:

  • ITS Department Overviews
  • ITS and BC Mission
  • Library Services
  • The BC Network
  • Security and Virus Protection
  • BTS
  • Virus Protection
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Customer Service

Supervisors, a program manager, and EagleTech Student Leads begin preparing for this important program weeks in advance, planning the program’s content and schedule. Different speakers from within ITS, as well as other BC departments, are invited to present at the training over the course of the two days. 

Thanks to the help of EagleTechs and ITS personnel who staffed six different locations during BTS, over 200 students were helped on-site on September 1.

EagleTechs at their training program August 30, 2011.