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Information Technology Services

ITS and Emergency Readiness


Feature stories during National Cyber Security Awareness Month have focused on some of the most common cyber-threats faced by people every day, such as identity theft and phishing.

In addition to keeping your computer and confidential data safe, ITS helps assure campus safety – data and otherwise – in other ways, including working with the Emergency Management Department.

Emergency Management, the publication of emergency management, public safety, and homeland security officials, recently published an article detailing how university security organizations are increasingly teaming with ITS departments to improve campus security.

Highlights include:

  • The increasing interaction between ITS and campus safety groups, especially after the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy.
  • More universities implementing an “umbrella of security,” linking together ITS, university security, and local emergency officials in case of an incident.
  • John Tommaney, BC’s Director of Emergency Management, and Joe Harrington, Director of Network Services, explain the collaboration between their departments, especially regarding disaster recovery and RAVE, the mass-notification system BC uses.

Read the entire article here.