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RetroTech: 1972


Tonight, the Boston Bruins begin the Stanley Cup finals, hoping to hoist the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972. What else was going on nearly 40 years ago, when Bobby Orr skated around the ice with the Cup raised over his head?

A recent Boston Globe article (featuring Information Technology Services’ Manish Puri) said that carpooling’s popularity is growing due to increasing gas prices and environmental concerns. In 1972, carpooling was also in vogue, as evidenced by this 1972 GM ad.

Interested in carpooling to BC? Learn more from the Department of Transportation and Parking.

In the world of technology in 1972:

  • HP introduced its first handheld scientific calendar. Retail price: $395.
  • ARPAnet, a precursor of the Internet, was first demonstrated at the International Computer Communications Conference in Washington, DC. The world would never be the same.
  • Atari purchased the idea for the video game Pong. The fingertips of America’s youth would never be the same.
  • HBO began broadcasting, using a network of satellites and microwave relay towers to deliver its programming to customers.
  • Steve Jobs graduated from high school in California.
  • IBM’s logo was redesigned – and is still in use today.