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RetroTech: 1993


As Boston College’s Class of 2015 prepares to move in next week, Beloit College released its annual College Mindset List. While the intent of the list since its inception in 2002 is “to reflect the world view of entering first year students,” its true impact is to make everyone older than the students feel ancient.

What was going on in the world of technology the year that most incoming freshman were born?

  • Microsoft released Windows NT 3.1 (yes, even then, you had to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log on).
  • AT&T (with help from Tom Selleck) very accurately predicted the future.
  • At the beginning of 1993, the World Wide Web had a total of 130 sites. In 2011, Boston College has over 200 sites. As of the end of 2010, over 255 million sites were online.
  • In Washington, e-mail at the White House came online at President Clinton and Vice President Gore were the first in their positions with e-mail. The White House site launched in 1994.
  • Adobe Acrobat was first released, beginning the popularization of PDFs for sharing files and information.
  • In what would prove to be the pinnacle of their career, Severe Tire Damage was the first band to perform a live internet broadcast of a concert.
  • America Online and CompuServe connected their e-mail systems to the Internet, beginning the large-scale adoption of Internet e-mail around the world.