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Information Technology Services

ITS Behind the Scenes: Developing EagleTechs


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Boston College’s ITS department is made up of over 200 technology professionals. Their jobs are made easier by an important piece of the department – EagleTech student employees. ITS employs EagleTechs across eight different groups - the Campus Technology Resource Center (CTRC), Media Technology Services (ITS), Walk-in Help Desk, Hardware Repair, Training and Communications, the Technology Consultant Organization, Web Support, application development, and Network Services.

Before the fall semester, CTRC staff facilitates a mandatory two-day training program for every EagleTech. Training topics include:

  • Basic technical training
  • Job-related expectations (punctuality, professionalism , etc)
  • Customer service
  • How to get the most out of working in ITS EagleTech program
  • An HR-led module on workplace respect

Each EagleTech then completes department-specific training with their area. This is mainly on-the-job, but some areas, like the CTRC and Help Desk, hold regular technical trainings throughout the year.

Towards the end of each semester, a formal performance evaluation is held for each EagleTech. The focus of these evaluations is the same as the goal of the EagleTech program as a whole: student development and mentoring to help EagleTechs learn how to be professional employees working effectively in a professional environment.

EagleTechs on the Job: Media Technology Services

Each fall, the school year begins early for all MTS graduate students when they report for a full week of training before the academic year.  Graduate students interact with clients in person and by phone, so they are trained on the importance of customer service.  They also learn to use the technologies specific to their department.

When the academic year begins, work study students join MTS, arriving with various backgrounds and skills. Some previously worked with their student newspaper or TV channel in high school, while others never even programmed a VCR.

All students are formally trained by the staff members who oversee the various MTS groups, and on-the-job training from staff and peers is ongoing.  Since most students begin working for MTS in their freshmen year and stay throughout their academic career, there are great opportunities for informal mentoring as the “old timers” show newcomers the ropes.

MTS EagleTechs are involved to some degree in almost every class or event. They provide training to faculty on using classroom technology and provide sound reinforcement to events.  Experience helping with photography shoots, producing graphics, videotaping classes and setting up microphones, plus any necessary remedial training, develops student’s skills so they can work independently of staff. This greatly increases MTS’ capacity to serve BC than would be possible with only MTS staff.

The ITS staff is very fortunate to have a great group of EagleTechs as part of the ITS Team!