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Information Technology Services

ITS By the Numbers: Back To School 2010


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Thursday, September 2, was move-in day for incoming freshmen. Students, parents, and volunteers battled the heat, carrying suitcases full of clothes, new comforters, and other essentials – including lots of new technology coming onto campus.

Thirteen members of the ITS staff and 28 student technology specialists (EagleTechs) were available in six locations on the Upper and Newton campuses to welcome students and parents, and provide onsite technology support to ease their transition to Boston College. Additional ITS staff and EagleTechs were on duty in the Help Center, CTRC, Walk-In Help Desk, and Hardware Repair, ready for the increased number of support requests.

From network connectivity to wireless printers to cable TV, ITS helped many students (and their parents) with questions as they moved in. Each year, our onsite support provides a great opportunity to welcome and interact with new members of the BC community and answer their technology questions.

By the Numbers, the snapshot below details the activity for one day, Thursday, September 2.

A total of 1,641 computers and other devices were activated on the BC network. This number includes handheld devices, gaming systems, and wireless printers. Of these, 1,435 were for freshmen.

Upper and Newton Onsite Support:
Number of students assisted in person on Upper campus: 79
Number of students assisted in person on Newton campus: 42

Help Center:
Total number of calls answered: 192

Walk-In Help Desk:
Total number of people helped: 50

Hardware Repair: Tickets assigned to Hardware: 12

BTS Videos

ITS was not only available by phone, email, or in person to support Back To School. EagleTechs Paul Veiga and Okello Carter produced videos to address some of the common questions students have when arriving on campus in the fall. Click here to view them (BC sign-in required).