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Communication and Collaboration

faculty guide to technology at boston college

Many tools for communication and working collaboratively are available to Boston College faculty:


Each faculty member is provided an Exchange account for integrated email and calendaring. Faculty may choose from a variety of applications to access their account. Exchange accounts can also be accessed from any web browser in any location using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Group email accounts such as can be requested as forwarding or separate (stand alone) accounts. Faculty/Staff Group Email Account Request form.

Email and Voicemail distribution lists

If you repeatedly send messages to the same group of people, distribution lists are useful. Once created, a single email address can be used to reach every member of the group/list. Learn about the distribution list options available at BC including how to email student in your courses with a single address.

MYFILES@bc File Sharing and Storage

MyFiles@bc allows faculty to access their personal documents through a web browser. It is a convenient way to “transport” documents between office and home or share documents with others. Log in to MyFiles@bc.

  • Faculty are given 1 gigabyte of disk space and may request additional space as necessary.
  • Transfer of documents is secure.
  • The MyFiles@bc server is backed up nightly.
  • MyFiles@bc can be used to backup critical documents.
  • Shortcuts can be created on your computer to the MyFiles@bc server for easy transfer of documents.
  • MyFiles@bc can be used to share documents with students, colleagues at BC, or elsewhere.

Learn how to use MyFiles@bc.


ITS Training and Communications provides training to faculty and staff on using MyFiles@bc. You may also arrange for someone to visit your class to provide an overview to your students.


Learn about building a website with password protection within MyFiles@bc.