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Information Technology Services

Collaboration Systems

information technology services

The Collaboration Systems group implements technologies to facilitate communication and collaboration between individuals and groups both within BC and beyond. The tools we provide include, but are not limited to, email services, web-based file sharing, personal and group calendaring, and application virtualization. We provide 24x7 support for all the services described below.


All Boston College faculty and staff have accounts on our Microsoft Exchange system, which provides calendaring services as well as email. Students have email accounts on our ‘legacy’ system but plans are underway to provide a hosted solution for students that will include access to a variety of collaborative tools. All mail coming into the University is scanned for spam and viruses and filtered as needed. We support a wide range of clients on multiple operating systems, including tablets and mobile devices. We provide lifetime BC email addresses for our alumni community so that our graduates can continue to use the email address they had as a student. In addition, we provide listserv software to facilitate group-based email distribution and discussion.

Web-based File Sharing (MyFiles - Retiring December 2015)

The Collaboration team also supports a web-based file sharing service, MyFiles. MyFiles@bc allows BC faculty, staff, and students to securely share content with members of the BC community and colleagues outside of BC. With MyFiles@bc, members of the community can securely access their content from any computer with a web browser. MyFiles@bc repositories can also be configured as web folders and network drives.

Application Virtualization

Using application virtualization technology from Citrix systems, we provide browser-based access to applications that are complex and costly to install, configure, and manage locally. The applications include statistical, mathematical, and other highly specialized software. Files are saved to a network file service that is optimized for use with Citrix and accessible from any system on the BC network. Citrix is used successfully in both academic and administrative environments here at BC, and we are actively evaluating new uses for this technology.

Other Services

In addition to the above services, we also provide network device activation services, print management software, the University Event Calendar, and software downloads. We are actively deploying an ITS Wiki that we hope to offer as a prototype for a knowledge management system. We continue to investigate and evaluate products and technologies that will allow for greater collaboration among all members of the BC community and their colleagues.


Contact Information

Eileen Shepard

Need help? Visit or call (617) 552-HELP (4357).