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Replacement Process

boston college computer replacement program


What can I expect?


When will I get my new computer?

Departments have been grouped by deployment years based on the replacement schedule of the BCCR2 cycle.

About two months prior to your department's alloted timeframe your Department Contact (DC) will schedule the specific installation date and timeslot with you.


What type of computer will I receive?
  • Administrative staff will receive a standard Dell desktop computer.
  • Faculty will receive a standard Dell or Apple laptop or desktop computer.
  • Contact your DC if you have questions about the type of computer you will receive.
  • Dell computers will come with Windows 7 (64 bit configuration) and Apple computers will come with the latest version of Mac OS X.


2 Months Before You Receive Your New Computer
  • Your DC and TC identify which systems are eligible for replacement, which of the available computer models to purchase, and secure approval and funding for special orders.
  • Your DC schedules the replacements, and may ask you for your preferred day and time. 
  • Your TC helps identify and test any special software and peripherals, such as scanners and PDAs, used in your department.
  • ITS will continue to use a tool (Altiris Client Management) to identify what software is running on your computer in order to configure and customize your new computer.
  • You will receive a system generated email message if a computer was ordered for you. You will be asked to verify that the correct computer model was ordered. If BCCR will move data from your old computer to your new computer, you will be asked to verify the old computer's name.


1 Week to 1 Month Before You Receive Your New Computer

  • You will receive email reminders about your scheduled replacement.
  • You will receive a link to instructions on how to prepare for your new computer.
  • Your DC may schedule and invite you to training.


1 Day Before You Receive Your New Computer

  • For Windows users:
    • The data migration process starts at 4:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled replacement day. You should stop using your computer at 4:00 p.m. and lock it. Do NOT SHUTDOWN or LOG OFF. The computer must be on, logged in, and connected to the BC network using a wired connection.
      • If you logout, shutdown or take your computer home, the data migration will fail and your deployment will need to be rescheduled.
      • In special cases, the BCCR team will not be able to transfer your data using the overnight method and will use an alternate method. If this is the case, you will be notified that your deployment make take longer.
  • For Mac users:
    • Data migration on Apple computers (Macs) is NOT an overnight process. Your existing and new Mac will be cabled together deskside and data will be moved.
      • It is important that all your data is stored within your home folder.
      • Replacement of Apple computers generally takes a bit more time at the user's desk.
  • NOTE: BCCR can provide a loaner laptop; inform your Department Contact that you will need one.


The Day You Receive Your New Computer

  • For Windows users:
    • When you login to your computer, a web browser should open and display a page indicating that the data migration has completed.
    • It is okay if you use your computer until the BCCR Tech arrives BUT it is important that you do not save any new bookmarks, files, or emails to your old computer, as the BCCR team may not be able to transfer them to your new computer. Save new or changed documents to MyFiles or a thumbdrive.
  • For all users:
    • You need to be present while your computer is installed.
    • A BCCR team member, working under the direction of BC employee Ann Fattori (BCCR Manager), installs your new computer.
    • You are asked to verify that all your files, including documents, data, bookmarks, and email, have transferred correctly.
    • The BCCR team member removes your old computer and stores it in a secure location for two weeks in the event data retrieval is needed after your receive your new computer. If you feel that your old computer needs to be retained longer please notify your DC.


1 to 2 Days After You Receive Your New Computer

  • If needed, a member of the BCCR team can install any special software or peripherals you use and addresses any questions you have about your new computer.


1 to 2 Weeks After Your Receive Your New Computer

  • You should contact the Help Center at ext. 2-HELP (617-552-4357) if you experience any problems with or have questions about your new computer.
  • If you are missing any files, the BCCR team will recover them from your old computer or your Connected Backup (formerly Iron Mountain). To request file recovery, please contact the Help Center.
  • After the two week period, the data from your old computer is erased using a U.S. Department of Defense-certified method. Old computers are then returned to Micros Northeast for recycling.
  • You receive an invitation to complete an online survey about your experience with the BCCR program. Your feedback will help us improve the program for future computer replacements.