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BCCR Planning Project Update

boston college computer replacement program

In December of 2011, ITS initiated a Project to review all BCCR business rules and processes with lenses of continuous improvement and cost savings.

The Project's four main activities were:

  1. Steering Committee Reviewed BCCR Business Rules
  2. Reviewed hardware vendor choices (including an RFP) 
  3. Investigated outsourcing the process and/or labor (including an RFP)
  4. Systematic review of BCCR business and technical procedures.



A steering committee reviewed Business rules:

University Representation: ITS Representation:
  • Joe Carroll (A&S)
  • Evan Kantrowitz (Chemistry)
  • Cy O'Neill (Budget)
  • Rita Owens (Provost Office)
  • Anne Severo (CSON)
  • Tim Townsend (University Advancement)
  • Beth Dority
  • Ann Fattori
  • Julie Gillis
  • Nathan Hall
  • Tom Rezendes
  • Peter Salvitti
  • Tricia Thomas
  • Aaron Wyatt

Steering Committee Recomendations:

  • Faculty/Staff Eligibility - No Change
  • Shared System Allocation - Review with Department Contacts
  • Replace Dell Monitors in BCCR3
  • Departments must return a working system for every computer system replaced. Allow departments to return thier older BC owned computers first.
  • Provide information to help departments make informed decisions on model selection and make it easier to purchase accessories, etc.
  • Explore better use of old/returned BCCR systems on-campus.
  • Explore streamlining the management of BCCR and non-BCCR computers.


2. Review of Hardware Vendor Choices

A committee of representatives from across BC assisted ITS with the creation and review of a Request for Proposal (RFP) which was submitted to several major hardware manufacturers. Upon completion, the decision was made to continue with our current BCCR hardware vendors: Dell and Apple.


3. Investigation into Outsourcing Process and/or Labor

ITS learned through this procedure that our existing deployment procedures are in-line with industry practice. ITS is able to deliver to Boston College faculty and staff highly customized computer systems at a lower labor cost.


4. Review of Existing Business and Technical Procedures

Numerous improvements to internal processes and procedures came about as a result of this systematic (step-by-step) review.