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Selecting a Computer Model


What Type of Computer will I Receive?

Staff: Each eligible staff member is allocated a Windows (Dell) standard desktop.

Faculty: Each eligible faculty member may choose any standard computer (Dell or Apple, desktop or laptop).

Special Requests: Special requests for computers other than what the position is eligible to receive can be accommodated. The purchase must be approved by the Dean/VP.  Non-faculty area departments must provide funds to cover the variance. Funding for special requests for faculty computers are managed by the Office of the Provost.


Some Considerations

Desktop tower
Desktop or Laptop?
Laptop graphic
  • Mobility: If you use your computer mostly at your desk, a laptop may not be necessary. However, if your job requires that you move around frequently, a laptop might be the better choice.
  • Tablets/iPads: If your department has already purchased an iPad or tablet for you, then you may find that you don’t need a laptop.
  • Screen Size: Desktops come with 23” displays. Laptops only have 13-15” screens.
  • Costs: Departments must cover additional costs if non-faculty members choose laptop computers. Additional department funding is also needed for laptop docking stations, keyboards and mice for faculty and staff.


Apple logo
Apple or Dell?
Dell Logo
  • Costs: Dell computers are considerably less expensive than Apple computers, with comparable computer graphics, memory, and hard drive space.  The standard Apple computer will cost your department $550 more than the standard Dell for staff members.*
  • Graphic Design: Although Apple computers are generally the industry preference for graphic/web design, Adobe Creative Suite can run on both Windows and Apple computers. You do not need an Apple computer in order to collaborate with others on Apple computers.
  • Need both Mac and Windows OS?  Windows can be run on an Apple computer along with the Mac OS, but the Mac OS cannot be run on a Dell computer.
  • Ease of Use: Go with what you know! There is a learning curve if you switch from Mac to PC, or PC to Mac.


Standard or High-End?

Industry norms indicate that the standard computer models are suitable for most users for the next four years.

  • Memory: The high-end Dell models come with 8GB of memory, which you may need if you work with large media files, data sets, or other memory-intensive files.
  • Costs: High-end models will require additional funding from your department or the Provost Office.


For more information on the costs associated with BCCR special requests, please visit our BCCR Variance Cost website.