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Strategic Planning Toolkit

Strategic Services

IRPA has created an online Strategic Planning Toolkit that includes a variety of resources to help departments, divisions or schools who are interested in undertaking a strategic analysis of their operations and plan more effectively for their future.  While program review is a long-term process that involves self-reflection and analysis, as well as an external peer review component, the Strategic Planning Toolkit provides a guide and resources that adapt many of the concepts and building blocks of program review to allow constituents to strategically analyze and address the future.  This approach to the planning process is intended to be customized to suit the individual needs and culture of the unit.  Some may find it beneficial to complete this planning process from start-to-finish while others may wish to incorporate individual components of the toolkit to complement their existing efforts. 

While each engagement and design can be uniquely customized to serve the specific needs of the unit, the purpose of the Strategic Planning Toolkit is threefold:

  • To define the strategic planning process in various forms and sizes
  • To provide exercises, models and templates for strategic analyses
  • To provide options and serve as a reference to constituents who are considering strategic activities in their areas

These documents are available to members of the BC community through the link below.  Teams are encouraged to utilize this toolkit as they carry out their work, making adjustments to suit their specific needs.  

Link to Strategic Planning Toolkit (BC Gmail login required)

For more information about Strategic Services, please contact Mike Pimental or Denice Koljonen.