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A&R Process

space planning

  1. A department submits an A&R request using the online A&R application. This involves describing the request, specifying the necessary approvers, and verifying the information before submitting it to the first approver.
  2. As necessary, department chairs, deans, and directors electronically approve the request.
  3. Upon VP approval, the submission is electronically sent to Space Planning.
  4. Space Planning reviews with requesting department, Dean and/or Vice President as required to determine space feasibility and program/space scope.
  5. If it involves capital costs, Space Planning submits program/space scope for condition assessment and/or cost estimate as required to Capital Projects Management (CPM) to secure preliminary feasibility, project scope development, and cost estimate.
  6. CPM submits schematic level cost estimate to Vice President to determine:
    • The decision to submit to EVP for approval; and
    • The priority of the project, i.e.
      1. Place in the following year's Capital Project Request list for consideration or;
      2. Immediate need.
  7. If approved by the EVP, CPM will develop project bid documents (if required), appropriation, and project timeline.
  8. If the request is limited to a simple space assignment with no capital costs and is approved by the VP and EVP, Space Planning submits the space assignment to Facilities Services for implementation.
  9. Final administrative approvals and priorities for A&R projects will be decided by the Executive Vice President.
  10. Priority for A&R projects will be ordered, high to low, according to the following guidelines:
    • Required by law/insurance
    • Required by safety standards
    • Directly related to the support of instruction — e.g., required to begin a semester
    • Indirectly related to the support of instruction
    • Other