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A&R Help Document

space planning

Login to the application with your BC username and password. Only people who are primarily affiliated with BC as employees can access the application.

You will see a region entitled Main Menu with three options:

1: Submit an A&R

Select this option to fill out the A&R form and electronically submit your request.

The A&R form has four parts. Your information is saved after you complete each part. When you complete this first step, your submission will be given a unique A&R number. You can use this number to track your submission or make changes to it. Once you complete part four and submit the application to your first reviewer, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the submission.

On step 2 of the submission form, you can add attachments. Please limit attachments to photographs, pdf documents, and files that can be opened in Microsoft Word or Excel. You do not need to include a list of the people who will be moving, because Space Planning will ask for that later.

When adding an attachment, make sure to press the Upload button. Attachments do not become part of your submission until the Upload button is pressed and they appear in the Uploaded Attachments table.

On the confirmation page you will be able to edit your attachments' descriptions. The only way to edit the attachment itself is to delete it and upload a new attachment.

On step 3, you specify who will have to electronically approve this request. To give you a head start, one or more of the fields may be pre-populated. When you click on Chair or Dean / Director links, a new window will pop up. Search for the approver and click on his or her name. The pop-up box will disappear and the person's name will automatically populate the field. Please note that the pop-up boxes allow you to choose from all BC employees. Make sure to select the correct person.

Step 4 allows you to edit your submission and submit it. When you press Submit, you will no longer be able to edit your submission. An email will be sent to your first approver. He or she will be able to edit the submission, and then electronically approve or reject it. You do not need to print out anything or have it physically signed.

2: Manage Submissions

Use this option to check the status of A&R requests, edit and submit requests that have not been submitted, and approve or defer requests that have listed you as an approver. You can access any A&R that you have the A&R number for.

The top region, View a List of A&Rs, shows all submissions that you are involved in. This includes A&Rs that you have submitted and A&Rs that you have been listed as an approver for.

If "Only show requests that require action on my part" is checked, only requests that require you to do something—either as a submitter or an approver—are shown.

The bottom region allows you to get information about any A&R that you have the A&R number for. Just enter the A&R number and press Search.

Click on a Review link in either region to get more information about the A&R. If you need to officially submit or approve a request, start by clicking Review.

If the submission is one that "requires action on [your] part," you will be able to edit it and take an action upon it. Otherwise, you can just view the submission and print it.

3: Move To and From List

Once your request reaches Space Planning, you may be asked to give more information about the movement of personnel and resources. Choose this option if you have received such an email from Space Planning. This is equivalent to what you may currently know as the "Space Assignment Move List."

To enter your information, search for your A&R number and then click on the Editbutton that appears. Add information one row at a time, using the Add Row button to add new rows. When you are finished, press the Save Changes button.