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Service Center Toolkit

service center development

IRPA has created an online Service Center Development Toolkit that includes a variety of resources to help departments, divisions or schools that are embarking on the task of creating a service center in their area.  Its purpose is twofold: (1) to familiarize team members with the University‚Äôs Service Center model and design and (2) to serve as a reference and guide to creating a service center that meets the needs of their areas.   

The Roadmap to a Service Center serves as the main guide that documents the design efforts of a cross-functional University team that created and implemented the core service center design in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Templates, tip sheets and other resources have been developed to assist teams with collecting, analyzing and organizing their work.  Sample documents from the A&S Service Center and other similar efforts are also included in the toolkit which is organized in folders that correspond to the steps of the design process outlined in the Roadmap to a Service Center guide. 

Teams are encouraged to utilize this toolkit as they carry out their work, making adjustments to suit the individual situation or needs of their areas.  

Link to the Service Center Toolkit (BC Gmail login required)