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Service Center Development

institutional research, planning & assessment

Boston College Service Centers are designed to provide faculty, staff and students with business and operational support, allowing them to focus on the primary responsibilities and carry out the mission of their organizational areas.   Transitioning to service centers represents a long-term commitment to improving services and reducing costs across the University. 

The primary function of service centers is to provide service, support and guidance to departments within an organizational area.  Service centers serve as active liaisons between departments and central administration.  The establishment of service centers also facilitates the development of consistent practices across a range of business functions and encourage continuous improvement.  IRPA assists in this process by:

  • Providing guidance and training to departments or functional areas that are considering the development of a Service Center
  • Assisting with the identification of the goals, objectives, scope and appropriate framework for the proposed service center
  • Helping teams examine and redesign existing processes, workflows and structures to better serve the needs of faculty and staff
  • Providing consultation on the development of a detailed implementation plan
  • Sharing resources, including guides, templates, and samples collected from various service center development efforts already underway

For further information:

Teams considering the development of a service center are invited to contact Mike Pimental.