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APR Self-Study Team Toolkit

administrative program review

At the core of the Administrative Program Review Process is the department or program’s Self-Study, and by extension, the Self-Study Team.  At the launch of the self-study process, the department head determines the size and composition of the self-study team and appoints its members, including the team leader.  The self-study team's primary duties include collecting and analyzing data, seeking input from other members of the department and from its constituents, conducting analyses to answer questions posed by the APR process, and preparing the report and preliminary recommendations.

IRPA’s APR staff holds orientation and training sessions for all teams preparing for a self-study, and provides support throughout the process.  Team members will find specific guidance in the APR Program Handbook, the Self-Study Guide and related resource materials that have been collected into an online toolkit.  Many of those resource materials, including guides, templates, tip sheets and samples of sections from completed self-study reports are available to members of the BC community through the link below.  The toolkit is organized in folders that correspond to each section of the self-study report.

If you have questions about the APR Self-Study Team Toolkit, please contact a member of the APR staff.

Link to APR Self-Study Team Toolkit (BC Gmail login required)