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APR Action Plan Database

administrative program review

The culminating event of a department's program review is the development of an action plan.  The action plan includes (1) the department's goals, (2) specific actions for the department to take to achieve the goals, (3) metrics/performance measures to ascertain whether and to what extent the goals have been met and (4) an overall timeline for implementation.  As more departments complete an Administrative Program Review, the number of action plans generated - along with all related goals, objectives and resource requirements - has increased dramatically. To facilitate the management of action plans across the University, an online database has been developed to record each plan, assist departments in their planning and implementation activities and identify trends and issues across departments.  The action plan database can be accessed through the link below.

For further information:

If you have any difficulty accessing the Action Plan Database, please contact Denise Koljonen.

Link to the APR Action Plan Database (BC login required)



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