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Overview of APR

administrative program review

Administrative Program Review (APR) was launched in 2006 as part of BC's Strategic Plan and the University's commitment to continuous improvement.  The goal of the program is to foster among the University's administrative departments a culture that values self-examination, quality improvement, strategic thinking, mission-aligned planning, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

APR is a set of activities designed to help managers and employees examine their department's current operations, make adjustments, and establish plans for continuous improvement. These activities include an internal self-assessment conducted by members of the department, a campus visit by peer experts from other leading universities, the implementation of an action plan for changes based on recommendations from the APR reviews, and ongoing monitoring and follow-up.

There are three main components of APR:

  • Members of each department work together to complete the self-study of the department. Team members will receive training and support from the APR office.
  • Subject matter experts in the relevant fields are invited to the department to conduct an external review and provide recommendations.
  • Members of the department create and implement action plans and monitor on-going progress.



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