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Key Activities and Benefits

administrative program review

Key Activities

  • Examine the department's mission and how it aligns with the University's Mission and Strategic Plan
  • Review current priorities, direction, services, and organizational efficiency
  • Identify customer needs and collect customer feedback
  • Validate strengths and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Benchmark practices, services, and quality with those of other leading national universities
  • Establish clear priorities that link to University priorities
  • Develop action plans and performance measures to achieve high-quality performance results


  • Improved short-range and long-range planning to reach those priorities
  • Participation and input from members regarding improvement
  • Integration of assessment methods into departmental operations for continual feedback
  • Improved levels of customer and employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced communication within the department
  • Support for managers and employees to develop and improve skills
  • Insight from knowledgeable experts at peer institutions
  • Broader understanding of university processes