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IRPA Services

institutional research, planning & assessment

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment (IRPA) contributes to planning and assessment at the program, department and school levels through a variety of services. Each service provided by IRPA is intended to support University leaders by providing information and analysis that will enhance decision-making and strategic planning.

  • IRPA provides consultation, coordination and support to departments that are undergoing Administrative Program Review or are considering a range of strategic planning activities.
  • By gathering and organizing campus data for internal and external reporting, IRPA serves as an information clearinghouse of official statistics about Boston College.
  • IRPA collects and analyzes information about the University and its constituents.  Data collected through a variety of means, such as the administration of large-scale national surveys, the development of in-house surveys, and the facilitation of focus groups.
  • Working cooperatively with Information Technology Services, IRPA leads a coordinated team of IRPA and ITS staff in the day-to-day management of the University's Data Warehouse and its related Data Mart.
  • IRPA works with departments and other functional areas to design, plan and implement service centers.
  • IRPA oversees all aspects of space planning at Boston College, such as reviewing requests for space, developing and coordinating plans for space renovations and remodeling, and developing, in conjunction with other University departments, programs for major new construction projects.
  • IRPA frequently leads cross-functional teams on special projects and provides staff support to major university planning initiatives.