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two female students stand on an outcropping looking over a valley

Student Study Abroad Blogs

Student at Jagiellonian University in Poland

The Krakow Chronicles

Poland: land of pierogies, Chopin, and the Chwazik clan. My long-lost pilgrimage to the Motherland. Although my primary purpose while I’m there is to study political science at Jagiellonian University, who knows what’ll happen?
Hayley Chwazik-Gee, Krakow, Poland

Photo of student Bettina Riddle in Durham


"The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time."

Bettina Riddle, Durham, England

Student Alexandra Lewis in Cape Town

Journey to Suid-Afrika

"It’s pretty surreal, and I am totally excited and terrified. But I’ve now been here for two days; it is officially the start of my adventure."
Alexandra Lewis, Cape Town, South Africa

Student John Howie in Bejing

Orient Express: Life in Bejing, China

"After returning from China my life was a whirl wind."
John Howie, Beijing, China

Student James Sasso in Parma

Blog from Parma

"Italy gave me a long lasting appreciation of the ability to converse."
James Sasso, Parma, Italy

Photo of student Josh Reed in Dublin

New Egypt to Dublin

"I have to say UCD has done a great job of making sure there is always something to do, it's just a matter of being aware and taking the initiative to take advantage of it."
Josh Reed, Dublin, Ireland

4 Months, 3 Girls, 1 Philippines

"Join the adventures of Katharine, Moriah, and Alex as they experience life in the Philippines with Casa Bayanihan!"
Alexandra Barrett, Moriah Bauman, Katharine Borah

Europe 2014

"Coming up; a semester packed with trips, tastes, and tales about the cross continental."
Emilee Herringshaw, Parma

Opinion: Coping with Tragedy from Abroad

"We have the unique opportunity to be completely self-involved and live in the moment"
Jenna Laconte, in "The Gavel"

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