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BC students enjoy the view in Nepal.

Student Blogs

"I have to say UCD has done a great job of making sure there is always something to do, it's just a matter of being aware and taking the initiative to take advantage of it."
Josh Reed, Dublin

Europe 2014

"Coming up; a semester packed
with trips, tastes, and tales about
the cross continental."

Emilee Herringshaw, Parma

4 Months, 3 Girls, 1 Philippines

Alexandra Barrett, Moriah Bauman, Katharine Borah

"The greatest reward
and luxury of travel
is to be able to
experience everyday
things as if for
the first time."

Bettina Riddle, Durham
"After returning
from China my life
was a whirl wind."
John Howie, Beijing
"Italy gave me a
long lasting
of the ability
to converse."
James Sasso, Parma
"Some of the most
important insights
and lessons I
learned while in
Uganda were
remaining flexible
and respectful of cultural norms that
were different from my own."
Anna Snook, Uganda
"Journey to the Middle Kingdom"
Sarah's Studies in China, 2012-2013
Alexandra Lewis, Penninsula Tour

"Journey to Suid-Afrika"

Alexandra Lewis, Cape Town

"We have the unique opportunity to
be completely self-involved and live
in the moment"

Jenna Laconte, 'Opinion: Coping with Tragedy from Abroad'

'Til We Find Our Place

Lauren Simao, Grahamstown, South Africa

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Three answers to one question:

How are the dorms/living situations different?

Thankfully our program provides us with accommodations in one of the nicest neighborhoods in London that is self-sufficient in itself. The flats as they are called are much smaller than a typical suite at schools like Boston College but they do contain bathrooms, kitchens, and a living room for six people.
- London, England

I'm living in a flat with two other American students. My program didn't offer the possibilities of living in dorms or at a homestay. The other students in the program are living in flats and houses that range from 4 or 5 students to houses for 22. There is a good variety and our flat here is better than our apartments at home. Having lived in a dorm throughout college, its been nice to have an apartment. Although I do miss the atmosphere of the dorms, it always seemed like something was going on and people were always around.
- Cape Town, South Africa

Luckily, I am housed in quite a western-style flat in downtown Cairo. The difference certainly comes in its location and setting next to the Parliament and the busiest street in Cairo. The location is a constant scene of protests, military and diplomatic convoys. Some of the smaller quirks - such as having a trash donkey, dubbed "Pedro by us in the suite, haul away our trash and a roof filled with generations of trash overlooking the city - make living in Cairo unique and interesting.
-Cairo, Egypt

file - For James O’Hara, a junior English major at Boston College, Nepal was the most exotic place - geographically and culturally - to spend a semester.

file - Allison Tripp studied art and architecture, and history at the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece. Read her blog at

file - A semester in Hong Kong for Terence To, who studied at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was also an experince of familar flavors.